Orthotics in Tamworth

For orthotics in Tamworth and surrounding areas, get in touch with us at Country Podiatry. Our team is specially trained in the design and use of orthotics in our patients. We use orthotics to support and treat a wide range of biomechanical foot issues and provide imaging and fitting services.

Orthotic devices may take some getting used to, but they provide an effective solution that is less invasive than surgery. Orthotics work best when they are custom made precisely to fit your foot. To create a customised orthotic device, we first capture a three-dimensional image of your foot.
Orthotics — Podiatry service in Tamworth, NSW
This will then be used to design to create a unique foot support that will improve your foot comfort and mobility. Once completed, your orthotic product would be worn inside your footwear to keep your foot properly aligned as you walk.

Arch supports and gel insoles that you would find at your pharmacy or department store are also orthotics devices. We can advise you on correct selection of these supports as needed. When you’ve worn your orthotics device for a length of time, we would schedule routine visits to check on your progress.

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