Foot Pain Treatment in Tamworth

Foot pain can stem from a wide range of causes – from injury to the foot itself, to nerve damage due to chronic conditions, such as diabetes. Foot injuries can happen to anyone, and you may not even know at the time your foot is injured until discomfort surfaces later on. Prescribing the best treatment for your foot pain is not always a black and white issue.

Your consultation with our team will involve us getting to know you and your lifestyle. We’ll be asking the right questions to help us understand the root cause of your foot pain. Certain activities, such as running with improper shoes, can lead to injury and pain that develops over time.

The focus of our podiatrists is finding out the cause of your discomfort and providing you with effective treatment. Whether you need medication, orthotics, physical therapy, or surgery, our goal is to relieve pain and provide lasting relief. If you are suffering from foot pain, get in touch with the Tamworth podiatrists at Country Podiatry today.
Foot pain — Podiatry service in Tamworth, NSW

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