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Podiatry Services

Tamworth podiatrist, Country Podiatry, is committed to alleviating and healing pain and discomfort in the feet and lower limbs.
Our goal is to diagnose and treat pain at the source, which untreated, could greatly reduce your quality of life. Our podiatrists will get you enjoying life again, whether it’s medication, orthotics, physical therapy or other treatments you’re needing.
Our fully qualified podiatrists are not only experienced and skilled at diagnoses and treatment, they also work closely with other care providers when dealing with complex medical conditions, such as diabetes and the foot pain that can result.
Diabetes is a complex medical condition that requires treatment. If you are diabetic, your feet are vulnerable to injury and other complications due to damaged nerves and compromised blood flow. We will properly care for and monitor your foot health to prevent complications.
There are dozens of causes of foot pain—from injury to internal factors, such as nerve problems. We can quickly diagnose the source of your pain and determine the best treatments to help provide you with relief. We specialise in treating common and complex causes of foot pain and numbness.
To help support the foot and promote healing, in some cases, orthotics may be needed. Whether you might be needing arch supports, braces, or other devices to help your feet heal, Country Podiatry has the quality products that you need for relief and to prevent further foot injury.