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Paediatric podiatry for Tamworth and surrounding areas is available now at Country Podiatry. You want the best for your children and so do we. Our podiatrists will make sure your child’s feet are in good health and free from pain and discomfort.

Children's feet tend to be more elastic and resilient than adults' feet. As a consequence, apart from the heel growth plate, children’s feet are less prone to injury. The heel being one of the last parts of a child's foot to fully ossify, means that very active children can sometimes get severe heel pain—Sever's disease. This is most common in kids who play soccer and basketball, but running and jumping is enough in many cases.

At Country Podiatry, we can help reduce the pain and manage this condition so your child’s feet grow healthily.
Paediatric podiatry — Podiatry service in Tamworth, NSW
Additional issues for a child’s growing foot:
Flat Feet ­ this is where there’s no arch development. A common enough occurrence, flat feet in children is not a major concern, in and of itself. However, if the child experiences chronic foot pain, flat feet is a common cause.

Flat feet in childhood may also lead to other problems later in life due to the developing body compensating for the support lacking due the structure of the foot.
Flat feet — Podiatry service in Tamworth, NSW

In-Toeing & Out-Toeing – you might also be concerned that your child's foot may not be developing properly if they walk with their feet angled towards or away from each other.

Most children under the age of 8, who exhibit mild in-toeing or out-toeing, will grow out of it. If your child has severe in-toeing or out-toeing, (i.e. their foot seems fixed in place and it can't be straightened without forcing it), you should make an appointment with us as soon as possible.
In-toeing — Podiatry service in Tamworth, NSW

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At Country Podiatry, we can properly address these common foot-related issues and help your child live without pain.